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Information Bank for Leptodactylus Frogs  


The world is facing an unprecedented loss of species and habitats; frogs are not immune to these problems and they are very sensitive to environmental changes. A decline and disappearance of amphibian populations has been clear over the last decade. Consequently estimates of overall biodiversity as well as genetic diversity must be undertaken immediately and comprehensively to understand the diversity of frogs. These comprehensive analyses can only be successfully accomplished through international cooperation and collaboration. Toward this end we have established collaboration with several colleagues.


Colleagues actively involved in understanding the biodiversity and evolutionary biology of Leptodactylus are (in alphabetical order):

Arley Camargo Uruguay
Ulisses Caramaschi Brazil
Helio da Silva Brazil
Miriam Heyer USA
Enrique La Marca Venezuela
Jose Langone Uruguay
Maria Laura Ponssa Argentina
Simon Loader England
John Lynch Colombia
Steffen Reichle Bolivia

Our work could not be possible without the generous professional assistance of:

Andres Acosta Colombia
Ariadne Angulo Peru
James Bogart   Canada
Celso Morato de Carvalho Brazil
Janalee Caldwell USA
Andrew Chek  Canada
Luis Coloma Ecuador
Reginald B. Cocroft USA
Andrew Crawford USA/Panamá
Ronald I. Crombie USA
Martha Crump   USA
Ignacio de la Riva Spain
Maureen A. Donnelly USA
William E. Duellman USA
Blair Hedges USA
Roberto Ibáñez  Panamá
Jeremy Jacobs USA
Michael J. Jowers England
Esteban O. Lavilla Argentina
Raul Maneyro Uruguay
Roy McDiarmid  USA
George Middendorf III  USA
Jirí Moravec Czech Republic
Jose M. Padial Spain
A. Stanley Rand USA
Robert P. Reynolds USA
Miguel Rodriguez Brazil
P. E. Vanzolini Brazil
Addison Wynn USA



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